Build your website with Bitrix24 website builder!

Website builder with a visual interface: With Bitrix24 website builder you can now develop various websites and landing pages in less than 3 minutes! What is more, you can choose between a great variety of elegant and stylish templates, which match your goals and imagination! Learn more with us! It’s super easy!

Bitrix24 Website Builder

Keep in mind that:

  • There are no coding skills required to create your own website!

With Bitrix24, the process is quite simple!

  • Domain and hosting are free.

You can get a free second-level domain by choosing a name that appeals to you and integrating it with your website.

  • There are over 100 amazing templates available.

Bitrix24 website builder offers landing page layouts for any business. So, you should choose one that appeals to your business goals, coupled with your personal taste. Altogether, you can personalize any template, for unique and fascinating results.

Free Bitrix24 website builder templates

Firstly, With Bitrix24 website builder the user can choose among a great variety of website templates and develop engaging and functional landing pages. Certainly, all Bitrix24 free templates are responsive. As a result, they are highly adaptive to the device that the user wants to display them. Additionally, this is becoming increasingly significant, as mobile traffic now outnumbers desktop traffic in search engines.

Secondly, the Bitrix24 website builder enables the user to create websites and landing pages without having to know HTML or CSS. In addition, your websites and landing pages will be hosted on Amazon Web Servers.


Furthermore, Bitrix24.Sites is a part of a larger sales and marketing automation platform that includes features such as:

  • webform builder
  • live chat widget
  • lead generation
  • email marketing
  • invoicing
  • customer support planning
  • project management tools
Bitrix24 website builder

Online Store Bitrix24 website builder

Equally important, is that Bitrix24 can assist you in creating and launching your online store, as well as acquiring your first clients and orders!

In addition, the attractive and user-friendly e-commerce themes of Bitrix24 can satisfy even the most discerning clients and business owners. Moreover, regarding your online store, Bitrix24 CRM is also integrated. In other words, the CRM items (orders, customers, quotes, invoices, contact information) can be automatically available for use.

Ultimately, Bitrix24 provides the capability of managing your orders and your inventory. Thus, in every e-shop you create are included:

  • a product catalog
  • order management
  • great inventory management capabilities
Bitrix24 website builder

Bitrix24 Marketing

What is more, Bitrix24 comes with a wide range of marketing tools and integrations for any website, landing page, or online store the user wants to develop.

What is included:

  • Live chats and web forms

First of all, the users can add custom online forms and live chats to their Bitrix24 website builder. Therefore,  live chats and web forms can generate more leads and convert them into customers.

  • CRM

In addition, all the website’s customers, orders, and payments can be instantly added to Bitrix24 CRM.

  • Google Analytics CRM integration

Finally, you can link your Google Analytics account to your CRM system and utilize a valuable marketing tool. Also, the user can synchronize various events ( a competed purchase) with their Google Analytics account and Bitrix24.

For more insights about building your own website with Bitrix24, contact RENVIS, a Bitrix24 Gold Partner!